Common Futures: Democratic Stewardship Workshop


About the program

We live in a world with complex problems. The forces sustaining the status quo are strong. The momentum behind the many troubling trends facing our local communities and global society can seem unstoppable. All of this can make us feel powerless. While some people ask why more people aren’t engaged in politics, many of us who are engaged are inclined to wonder if we’re even making a difference.

Who's invited 

The Common Futures Democratic Stewardship Workshop is a program intended to support people who wish to deepen their own practise of political engagement. The program offers an opportunity for us to step back, reflect on how we are currently engaged, gain new insight about the power and systems alive around us. It’s also an opportunity for those who have not been engaged to develop a strong foundation that can inform their own effective and meaningful engagement. 

The October Common Futures program is targeted those aged 18 - 35(ish). 


What it's about

Through the workshop, there will be opportunities to:

  • deepen your connection with your own values

  • explore your own power and the power dynamics that are alive around you

  • learn a common vocabulary and framework for understanding and talking about the systems we deal with every day, the archetypal problems that arise in systems and opportunities to intervene.  

  • develop new skills for political engagement


How it works 

The program will be a learning journey with the program hosts that will use a variety of practises to unlock new insights. These include: 

  • experiential and creative learning activities, 

  • conversations stimulated by tough questions, and

  • theory based teachings that offer new vocabularies, and mental models for thinking about tough problems, and how to use our power and skills to solve them.



Friday October 30th - 1PM - 8PM

Saturday October 31st - 9AM - 4PM


Program Hosts

Mark Coffin 

Mark_Coffin_-_Headshot_.jpgMark is an educator, thinker, and an advocate for democratic renewal. The order of those things is important to him. He cut his teeth politically in the student movement in Nova Scotia, and founded the Springtide Collective with the help of friends in 2012. He is active on the boards of Credit Union Atlantic and Engage Nova Scotia. He's completing a Masters in Education, exploring the relationship between democracy and public education, and a more experiential, hands-on ways of learning about complex problems.

Marguerite Drescher

10414835_734342766620998_3533909337300960967_n-300x198.jpgMarguerite Drescher is a visual artist and graphic recorder/facilitator, trained in cultivating vivid expressions for learning. She is dedicated to living art and exploring the possibilities for social transformation through creative process. Marguerite is actively engaged with communities around Halifax primarily with public engagement, leadership training and capacity building. Her company, Brave Space, offers graphic facilitation, illustration, women's leadership training, and Art of Hosting trainings. Marguerite is an unwavering Nova Scotian, with deep roots in this raw and magical place, and currently lives in Halifax. 


Registration Cost: $50 (Includes Lunch on Saturday) 

Please contact us if you would like to attend but the registration fee is a barrier. 

October 30, 2015 at 1pm - November 01, 2015
Mark Coffin · · 902.989.3668

Will you come?

$50.00 Common Futures Registration
Basic Fee