Volunteer at Springtide

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer at Springtide. Here are some of the ways you can help. 



"Off Script" MLA Exit Interview Transcribers 

We've interviewed over 40 former Nova Scotia MLAs about their experience as public officials, challenges they faced, and reflections on the state of democracy and political culture in Nova Scotia. This research is the first of it's kind for Nova Scotia, and we've uncovered some fascinating learnings about how politics really works in our province. The challenge: we have over 75 hours of interview content that needs to be transcribed into text before we can properly analyze it, in order to write and produce a series of written reports and a documentary podcast, and we're always looking for more volunteers to help. Learn more


OpenHouseNS.ca Content Curators 

OpenHouseNS makes it easy for Nova Scotians to keep track of their MLA and the issues they care about. We're looking for people who are interested in reviewing the business of the legislature from the previous day on OpenHouseNS.ca and then writing social media content about what happened and scheduling it through our social media channels, making it easier for everyday Nova Scotians to see exactly what's happened in their legislature. Learn more. This is not an ongoing commitment, as the legislature typically sits only for 1.5-2 months per year. The legislature resumes again on March 26th 2016, and is expected to sit for at least a month.